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HospBlog_boutique-image_060911.jpgCurrent trends within the hospitality industry have proved that hotels come in all sizes. There is definitely room for the large 200 plus guest rooms and for the smaller, 80 or less guest room properties within the same locality. Historically, the smaller properties would be limited to smaller less visited cities or suburbs. However, we now find boutique properties popping up everywhere, even in large touristy or business-centric cities. Many of the larger, established brands are now creating “boutique” type properties and brands that appeal to a certain customer segment base.

We are also seeing an opportunity for new and emerging brands to sweep the market place. Customers have demanded that they receive a “bang for their buck,” and they want personal service that often comes with smaller boutique type properties. For this personal service, they are willing to pay more and even perhaps stay a bit out of the way for the more intimate feeling of such a boutique property. As these boutique properties gain popularity we will start to see more defined brands with better defined customer target segments. The popularity of such properties in larger and smaller cities will benefit the larger, well-known brands as well as the lesser known boutique managers of independent properties.