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Nevada Gaming Regulators Begin Overseeing Las Vegas Nightclubs and Dayclubs

The nightclub and dayclub industry has become big business for casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. State gaming regulators are now requiring resort operators to take a more stringent approach in monitoring activity inside club venues. These new regulations came out of the 2015 Nevada Legislative session and were approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission. … Continue Reading

Let the Games Begin…Voters Approve Casino Gaming in New York State

Earlier this month, New York State voters approved a Constitutional amendment to authorize casino gaming in the state.  Implementation of the amendment, including the process for siting of the casinos and selection of casino operators, will begin shortly in accordance with legislation enacted during the 2013 legislative session (the “Gaming Legislation”).  For more information on … Continue Reading

Guess Who May be the Best PURCHASER for Your Club?

A club owner who wants to sell the club often overlooks the best purchaser candidate: the property owners in the community or the club members.  Finding a third party for-profit purchaser for a private club or a club in a residential community is often a challenge, for various reasons, including limited or negative net cash … Continue Reading