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Guest Privacy, Safety and Security

A jury’s decision to award sportscaster Erin Andrews $55 million as a result of a hotel’s failure to reasonably safeguard her privacy, safety and security is a forceful and important reminder to hotel owners and operators: A guest’s privacy and safety are paramount.  Certainly this jury saw it that way, and other juries might reach … Continue Reading

Being Hospitable to Service Animals*

The Equal Rights Center based in Washington, D.C. has recently published a short and helpful booklet for users of service animals and other types of assistive animals.  It is a “users” guide for persons seeking accommodations for their service animals, including advocacy tips and resources for reporting violations.  The hospitality industry is often at the … Continue Reading

Fitness First

The traveler today, whether a business traveler or leisure traveler, is mindful of fitness and food.  Eating well and working out while on the road is an ever present challenge for many travelers, including most of our readers of HospitalityLawCheckIn.  In our work on behalf of operators and owners we cannot avoid being influenced by … Continue Reading

Technology and Security–Too Much of a Good Thing?

Hi-tech key cards, hidden cameras, metal detectors, secure and limited entrance and elevator access, and even the simplicity of the vigilance of employees and guests are many of the best practices employed at hotels today to protect its employees, guests and customers.  When travelling internationally, one can pretty easily spot signs of “perimeter security.”  Perimeter … Continue Reading

Understanding Security–Where Does All the Guest Data Go?

So you check-in, hand over your credit card…and then what?  As our reliance on computers and electronic data grows, hotel managers and operators have access to your credit card and other personal data. There are obviously great benefits to all this technology. Almost instantly a hotel manager or operator can pull up your preferences, stay … Continue Reading