We have all seen it and experienced it – we want to keep in shape while on the road, so we go to the hotel gym – the little room in the corner with a treadmill and a TV and maybe, if we’re lucky, a water cooler.  The hotel gym could be so much more.  Over time the fitness industry and the way people exercise has evolved, and so too should the hotel gym, even in the limited service or select service sectors.  Some hotel owners are keenly aware that the hotel gym is an important amenity that is critical to many of their guests.  These owners make it a priority to keep up with the trends in fitness and design their gyms accordingly.  “Hotel guests want to stay in the game and keep in shape when they’re on the road,” states Bryan Green, President and CEO, Advantage Fitness Products.   Bryan Green’s goal is to design hotel gyms to that meet the needs of the guests and to enhance the overall guest experience.  Bryan observes, “ultimately, the way people want to exercise today is with more freedom.”  The hotel gym should be an extension of the fitness experience the guests have at home.  The gym should be safe, clean and well equipped, with plenty of free space for guests to practice yoga, Pilates, balance and core strength training and stretching.  Re-configuring the space of the hotel gym to allow for this freedom, and providing visible self-service equipment wipe and hand sanitizers are just a few ways that hotel owners can revitalize the hotel gym and enhance the guest experience.  Creating a safe, clean and current hotel gym might even increase the fiscal health of your hotel!