The traveler today, whether a business traveler or leisure traveler, is mindful of fitness and food.  Eating well and working out while on the road is an ever present challenge for many travelers, including most of our readers of HospitalityLawCheckIn.  In our work on behalf of operators and owners we cannot avoid being influenced by our own traveling experiences in the hotel fitness center, both good and bad.  Bryan Green, President & CEO of Advantage Fitness Products has recently released an informative article that strategically describes 5 fundamentals for the fitness amenity.  What is helpful in this piece is that it can be applied to a large fitness center in a luxury hotel as well as a smaller amenity in a select service hotel.  One point to add here is that it is not just the initial design, development and equipment installation that require attention.  Many fitness amenities are well done on the way in, but then ignored from then on and the facility and the equipment is not properly serviced, maintained and replaced as needed.  Understanding that this is an important feature for hotel guests across the board, that can influence hotel selection decisions, then it is important enough to do right and keep right. [Click here for more information on the hotel fitness amenity]