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It is difficult, if not impossible, to miss all of the positive indicators pointing to a robust and exceedingly vibrant hospitality sector. Whether it is the acquisition, financing, construction or opening of a limited service hotel in a suburban location or a non-NFL city, or the awe inspiring deals like the sale of the Waldorf Astoria or the Baccarat, the signs are all positive and the appetite for trophy product seems insatiable. Our experience working on both the Waldorf Astoria and Baccarat transactions has provided an up close and personal view of just how powerful our industry is right now and how transactions of this stature and magnitude are likely to continue.  All of the excitement and publicity over these types of transactions should not lead us to conclude that the competition for quality product will always go to the swiftest or the one with the deepest pockets.  The execution of these deals and even deals of far lower price tags will remain achievable only through experienced and capable principals, advisors and lawyers being present at each phase of the transaction.  Read more about these transactions.