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Greetings from the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, or “ALIS” in Los Angeles, California.  The usual large and generally busy and optimistic crowd is here, as well as a number of our Hospitality Group attorneys.  What are we all doing here?  Well, it is a great place to take the pulse of our industry, reconnect with old friends and make new ones, particularly if you are well positioned to move forward with a transaction.  We like to introduce our clients and friends to each other and expand everyone’s universe of potential business partners.  We also learn what is trending in the hospitality industry – everything from the word on the street as to who is buying, selling or holding assets, and where the money will come from, to what the designers are doing to keep up with the never-ending innovations.  The official program is teeming with industry leaders sharing their take on the state of the hospitality industry.  And the “unofficial” program is arguably even more jam-packed with action. Every nook and cranny of the convention center is filled with a sea of navy blue, gray and black suits making connections and doing deals. The energy and optimism are palpable.

It’s 2013 – Let’s Make a Deal!