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Third Party Management for Hotel Lodging and Food and Beverage Services

A sensitivity remaining from the recent “Great Recession” is that hotel owners are making a concerted effort to ensure that their hotel and all components of it are profitable.  This is something that is aspired to but not assured in a hotel management agreement.  To this end, many owners seek assistance in negotiating third party … Continue Reading

The Tale of an Ousted Hotel Manager – Understanding the Mal-Alignment of Interests of Hotel Owners and Hotel Managers

The facts of the Turnberry Case are more like something we'd see in a James Bond movie than in real life. But then again, fact is stranger than fiction. In real life, can a hotel manager be ousted from a hotel without notice and cure - even with a carefully crafted hotel management agreement in place? Our Greenberg Traurig colleague Michael Sullivan discusses what it all means in the Hotel Business Review journal.… Continue Reading